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Sunday, May 23, 2004
The day off post

We are all ambassadors in the brave new world

Today, as most days, I have spoken with people from several countries.  We have discussed foreign policy, religion, sex, and what they ate for breakfast.  I've read daily personal accounts of people living in Iraq, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, Russia, Africa, Asia, you name it.  Tomorrow, if I wake up and found that America is at war with another nation, I could probably find a journal of someone from that nation and read about their feelings on the war.  I could even start a conversation with them via instant message.  Would it be a civil war if I were drafted and forced to shoot my friends? 

We are all taking part in one of the largest, most spectacular social experiments in history.  We have created a new nation of internet citizens, complete with communities, clubs, game halls, religious institutions, and one new and powerful thing, the ability to easily search out and interact with those we would never have known.  Today I read about a fellow blogger that was killed in a car crash.  Her last entry was made by her boyfriend as he tells the story of their last moments together.  It brought tears to me eyes and I have never met them.  It is very strange having all the words of someone written to see, along with the daily life and plans and entries dated just last week, knowing that they are now dead.

What will come of this experiment?  I read so many brilliant minds writing on the internet about social views which would never be published in mainstream society.  I become encouraged and sure we are headed for utopia with the next generation.  Then I read the bickering and wars in blogs and forums over the smallest misunderstanding and feel that humanity is destined for eternal war and struggle.  Will universal acceptance ever come to being?  Do we need nations will taller fences, or maybe some maturity as people?  Personally, as often as I can, and sometimes when I shouldn't, I blame religion.  Any paradigm that tells its followers that it is the only way, and could not be wrong, and that all else is evil, is destined to cause war.

Six degrees of hello neighbor! - An update

Feel the love.  Thanks to a plugin using and this site I have found that you can easily find a chain of links from your site and find your sixth degree blog neighbor. 

Along these lines is the e-mail experiment done by which gave an indivdual a target person in another country and they must get a message to them by passing it on to someone they know.  It seems it is usually possible within 5-7 e-mail messages.

The Remainder

Was the internet slow yesterday and today?  Must be some backbone down or something.  Anyway I am not doing well today.  I am extremely tired and woke up either with bad allergies or I'm starting to get sick.  I also switched meds yesterday, and it is making me very nauseous.  Hopefully my writing is at least somewhat coherent.  Now I have work to do.  Must find a way to fix a corrupted excel file.  :(  As a note, this post pushes all my turtle pics to the next page, and now the columns shrink back.  Such is life.

Work for peace and strive for understanding.  Thanks for reading  :)

Alex Trebek: Let's just go to "Animal Sounds" for 600. This is the sound a doggy makes.
[Sean Connery buzzes in]
Alex Trebek: Mr. Connery.
Sean Connery: Moo.
Alex Trebek: No.
Sean Connery: Well, that's the sound your mother made last night!

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Posted at 04:20 pm by elvenSarah

May 25, 2004   01:19 AM PDT
hi sarah *shhh*
i miss you too. i miss you terribly. and i hope you're doing okay
i started a new blog here too, cum see me soon (c:',

okay fine, i only said that cause hardcore nudity is the real reason i read your blog.


i sure hope to talk to you soon. i will send you a PM from the site and give you my email, id sure like to keep in touch with you.

love always,

May 27, 2004   11:42 PM PDT
Yes... all of *my* love to you, too. That's the ticket. Pay no attention to my shifty eyes.

Incidentally, I find it interesting that you have ears; by strange coincidence, I, too, happen to own a pair. Similarly, I have a considerable interest in the adult industry ("Acting like an adult," that is, which, based on the people I encounter every day, is an industry over which I seem to have a local monopoly). If you had a tagboard, I would put these comments there, but sadly you do not.

Very nice work on the not-having-a-brain-explodingly-insipid-blog; it's a fairly unique experience. Remarkably, you are the only person I know whom I can encourage to follow her dreams by saying, "I'm sure you're very sexy. I would love to treat you like an object from hundreds of miles away." Usually women just slap me when I say that!
May 28, 2004   12:39 AM PDT
Salad, Didn't I tell you not to post while you are drunk?
May 29, 2004   12:35 PM PDT
yo.. um.. dat was odd. anyway, i just wanted to say hey!

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