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I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods, then you will know why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

Any god who creates a sentient being out of dirt, knowing the being will be damned to hell, should have left the dirt alone. - unknown


Sunday, December 05, 2004
Bugs, Banners and Blog links


I think I may have found a new form of life, and it is in my kitchen. It has visited twice now; both times after rain. It shows up in the evening and is always gone by morning. I was able to snap a few photos but they look more like grainy spy satellite images or video footage of a cigar shaped UFO. My camera is not very good and this creature is relatively small. Anyone out there know what it is?

It looks like a small leaf or bark from a tree. At first glance that is what I thought it was; something that I had tracked in from the wet sidewalk.

overhead creature small

I noticed some movement and thought the air from the vent was blowing on it. A closer inspection revealed that it was self-propelled. It was dragging itself, very slowly, by some kind of suction device, or more likely, a hook.

profile creature small

This hook was retractable, like a turtle's head, and went in quickly when I moved in front of it. The movement was reminiscent of an inchworm. It would throw the soft forward portion of its body forward, then drag the much larger portion behind it. The velocity of the creature was very slow. I imagine the only thing it could ever catch would be a snail, so it is likely a herbivore or scavenger that eats dead flesh.

front creature hook small

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I have a much more serious article planned that has to deal with something I have been seeing in churches lately. Now that I know christianity is false it really bothers me how many people have been sucked into it and how much influence it has on society. The sheep are getting the wool pulled over their eyes and it is breaking my heart. I'm afraid I am becoming a missionary again; this time for rationalism instead of superstition.

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Posted at 06:29 pm by elvenSarah

December 5, 2004   07:24 PM PST
You're more than welcome. If ever you'd like another one, with something else on it, please don't hesitate to ask. *smiles* Hope you had a wonderful weekend. xoxox
Saphfire Storm
December 6, 2004   06:45 AM PST
It could be a snail without it's shell??? If you check exterminator web sites, they sometimes have pictures of common critters. That's how I found out that I have silverfish in my attic. So sorry about your extraterrestrial creature>> LOL
December 6, 2004   08:10 AM PST

That gave me the heebie jeebies!
December 6, 2004   08:55 AM PST

I look forward to your article on what you have been seeing in
churches lately. I don't know if that is figuratively speaking, or you
still actually attend a church and are speaking from current experience. Whichever case, I look forward to seeing what you have to write. A missionary for rationalism is an interesting thought as well.

Until then....

Brandon Starr
December 6, 2004   09:33 AM PST
Very weird pictures. The first one is proof of UFOs. "Unidentified Fugly Objects."

Drags itself by a hook? Maybe it's a snail doing a production of "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Probably it's a slug, but...suction device and hook, really? Maybe it's a....(gulp)...leech.

(Oh, and I added your wonderful blog to my list of links. It was overdue, too.)
December 7, 2004   08:05 AM PST
Curiouser & curiouser...

You have to tell us if you figure out what it is. I'm dying to know.
December 7, 2004   08:05 AM PST
Curiouser & curiouser...

You have to tell us if you figure out what it is. I'm dying to know.
December 7, 2004   02:39 PM PST
Dude, that thing is gross. You should talk to Ariana since she found a strange ugly evil bug last week. Might be the same thing.
December 8, 2004   11:40 AM PST
Those pics look suspiciously just like UFO pics...grainy, out of focus...hmmm...I say it's just a piece of rice that got flung from the stovetop...heh
The Catcher
December 9, 2004   01:49 AM PST
Sarah, am new to Blogdrive, and generally new to blogging. Was going through random blogs, and landed on yours. It rocks.

About the lifefore: Algae and Fungi together form a helotist ensemble. You may wanna check on that. Good luck with that U*f*O

And let me know the serious things that goes on in the churches!

Sanket, India
The Catcher
December 9, 2004   01:49 AM PST
Sarah, am new to Blogdrive, and generally new to blogging. Was going through random blogs, and landed on yours. It rocks.

About the lifefore: Algae and Fungi together form a helotist ensemble. You may wanna check on that. Good luck with that U*f*O

And let me know the serious things that goes on in the churches!

Sanket, India
December 9, 2004   04:51 PM PST

On close inspection of your photos, I've come to the conclusion that it's either:

A slug - although it looks like one, its "hook" may signify he's goin' fishin'.
A leech - They must move around somehow. Try attaching it to a small child and see which one dessicates first.
A hoax - not a new species at all.
or (and I think we have a winner...)
A blur.
December 10, 2004   07:44 PM PST
Well, my evil bug has legs and spiky things on it's back. I'm *supposed* to get a digital camera soon and can post much better pictures of it, as the evil dead bug remains in das grey poupon jar. Have you looked online for a field guide? I ran out of patience trying to find one that I wouldn't have to pay for, but you may have better luck than I did.
The Catcher
December 10, 2004   10:59 PM PST
Waiting for the serious post!

Waiting for tonight!

Waiting for Godot!

Waiting for ...

Liv Tyler is the most beautiful woman on this planet. And I come from the land of Aishwarya Rai.

Ok! One of the most beaituful!
December 11, 2004   06:36 AM PST
Hey you.

Don't let the delusions of Christians bother you. You are now on the path of enlightenment, and you also know what it was like to hide in your faith (as I also know, being an ex-Christian). Try not to judge the poor buggers - trust me, they're happy with their heads in the sand, and the decision to break free can only come from within.

Think about yourself, not "them". There's a whole world of knowledge out there, waiting for you to explore it. Go for it! They'll catch up in their own time.


PS if you want instructions for evil paper horns, let me know and I'll post them on my blog. :)
December 11, 2004   09:28 PM PST
Hi Sarah! I noticed you linked to my friend Brian's site, and I thought I'd check your blog out. Pretty interesting, do you mind if I link you? Also btw...of your 100 christian cds do you have any Styper?
December 13, 2004   03:31 AM PST
Thanks for linking me, I know what I see in churches lately......more blind, bigoted stupidity than ever before. I mean for Christ sake what has gotten into these people, it sure isn't the a "love thy neighbor" mentality. OK enough christian bashing, unfortunately as with bugs/pest they multiply and infest (damn did it again) . Sarah I think what you have is an inhabited cigar butt, occupied by a snail that lost its shell.

Since you are in CA and OC at that it maybe some new lifeform that has adapte to breathe in unbreathable air or a lost sea cucumber.
December 13, 2004   05:10 PM PST
Yay! A new entry at last...

Anyway, thank you for linking me. I appreciate it.

Oh and I have been reading some good books lately. There's a trilogy by James Redfield. The first one is called Celestine Prophecy and the second one is The Tenth Insight. It has some pretty interesting ideas. I recomment to you all. I just can't seem to remember what the third book was titled.

Oh well.

Until next time!
J f Z
December 13, 2004   10:14 PM PST
Please let me know if you find out what that freak of nature in your kitchen was. Or did it already take over your body, like a parasitic StarGate SG-1 Ga'ould?

If you're still Sarah, let me know.
December 14, 2004   05:18 AM PST
Sarah... you must tell me what is it when you find out... and if not..try and get a better pix! Maybe someone who knows will tell you when the pix is clearer!

~Friendly Blogger frm Blogdrive~
December 17, 2004   01:40 PM PST
A Goa'uld, eh? I'd rather be a Tok'Ra though. But the Goa'uld dress better....hehehehee
December 18, 2004   12:39 AM PST
looks like a dog turd. mwahaha returned;-)
December 18, 2004   12:30 PM PST
Sarah, your starting to worry us. You haven't posted in almost a couple of weeks now... Has that thing grown and mutated and attacked you? If your being slowly digested...let us know
December 18, 2004   03:02 PM PST
Came over from a friend's site. Hope you don't mind.

I happen to be one of the Bible Believers. Not sorry!!!

God is real, and so is Jesus. I pray you never find out that Hell is, too.

Merry Christmas!!!
December 19, 2004   06:57 PM PST
So, you've talked to them face to face and went to hell on summer vacation? Is that how you know it's all real?
December 20, 2004   05:54 AM PST
Ok, I admit I was raised to believe in God, but I cant help but...

Agree with you. Im just not religious. Something about the bible and its followers insults my rational subconsciouis, and frankly, I dont for the life of me.. understand how each religion is supposed to be the right one, when there are so many...



The photos.. Im sorry.. I know this is a little graphic.. but forgive me for saying...

It looks like you took photos of a turd floating in a pool.

* covers eyes *
December 21, 2004   08:42 PM PST
You've gotta be shittin' me E. That's the name?
December 26, 2004   10:32 PM PST
That's a very unusual creature you have there. It reminds me of a tiny slug, but doesn't look quite right. I hope you get full credit for the discovery!!!

Cheers :)
December 30, 2004   05:30 PM PST

Yooo-hooo? (echo, echo, echo)

Where did you go?

Post something...anything. So we know you are okay!
January 2, 2005   07:23 AM PST
You got any DC Talk or Jars of Clay? Or perhaps (gasp!) P.O.D?
January 2, 2005   05:09 PM PST
to elvenSarah Re your tag: but then the problem for me would be how to get them, with you in the States and me in Indo and all (sorry I just thought about it), yah wel thx anw:)

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