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I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods, then you will know why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

Any god who creates a sentient being out of dirt, knowing the being will be damned to hell, should have left the dirt alone. - unknown


Sunday, January 02, 2005
I'll post you!

Well, I've received the necessary 30 comments on my previous entry so it's time for another! As an update on my previous post, I found another one of those creatures, this time dead in a spider web. I evicted the spider and saved the leaf-bug guy in a small container. It’s quite mummified though and appears to have already been a meal for the spider. Now I just need to find someone to give it to who will know what it is.

Save Sarah!

Think you can re-convert me in a fair fight? I’ve set up a debate blog to give a chance to have a real debate between a Christian and me. No, I don’t have time for it, but it is something I would really like to do. When I started listed out my reasons to believe in Christianity, and I had them all fleshed out on paper, I began to see that none of them were very good, and most of them could be claimed by many other religions as well. You can read it and comment here. Maybe it will take off, I don’t know. In any case, I wish people would all think about why they believe what they believe.

Really it doesn’t matter, since even if I do become a Christian again, Jesus won’t forgive me and let me into heaven since I called the Holy Spirit fat. Luke 12:10 “And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” Oh well. Since there is no way I can get into heaven now, I might as well make the most out of it. If you will excuse me, I have some people to kill.

Fear of Change

Evolution is a bad word if you are a Christian. Before I was old enough to fully understand procreation, I knew evolution was false. You see, in the bible things don’t evolve, they are created by God. The languages of the earth came about when God created them all at the tower of Babel. Genesis 11:1 “Now the whole world had one common language and a common speech.” Languages don’t evolve, that is absurd. The different skin colors of humans, well those all came about from Noah’s sons. All the species in existence today and all those that have gone extinct were all present on Noah’s ark. They all lived there a month with all the food and environmental needs necessary for their survival.

A fish that can walk and breathe air

Male fish begin to produce eggs

Fear of Death

I’ve had a tough time eating healthy now that I know I will life forever. According to this man humans will no longer die of old age starting as soon as 20 years from now. I’m sure that eventually we will master the genetic code and extend our lives enormously, though I am very skeptical about the 20 year goal. I’m still waiting for my flying car. Anyway I’m sure the bible is right. In Genesis 6:20, God decides it was a stupid idea for him to create humans, so he makes it impossible for them to live past 120. That will teach them.

Broken Promises:

Ephesians 6: 2“Honor your father and mother”–which is the first commandment with a promise– 3“that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

No reason to cry for the 30,000 children who died in the tsunami. They were all breaking God’s commandment and were clearly bad children. If they had obeyed their parents, they would have not died so young. Don’t even get me started on babies who are aborted. They must have been very evil to die that young.

I will pray for you

Christianity is the epitome of laziness. One of the reasons it does so well in America is that it offers an easy way to blow off people in need. “Let’s pray for those people in need.” Do you think you will change God’s mind on the situation? God: “Well it was in my divine and perfect plan to send this person to hell, but since you asked, I guess I will allow them to find the way to heaven”. Try this next time someone is in need: Getting off your ass and actually helping them.

The year of cock is upon us. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Posted at 09:56 pm by elvenSarah

January 2, 2005   10:57 PM PST
Try this next time someone is in need: Getting off your ass and actually helping them.

Yeah really. Prayer doesn't turn to cash...unless you're a preacher or televangelist.

Male fish to produce eggs....ugh, I swear. Anything to deny the life-giving power inherent in females, which are all trash, of course.
January 3, 2005   11:17 AM PST
Hate to ask, but did you not read the story Sis? It was about the likelihood that pollutants in the water have been messing with the fish's (how do you make a plural possessive for fish?) endocrines. I'm pretty sure we can both agree that the male fish didn't want those eggs anymore than I would want a womb. :P

No offense, of course; I simply like being a guy just as much as you like being a woman. ;)

If you ask me, immortality is a pretty lofty goal, and one that I'm skeptical we'll ever attain. Extending the human lifespan exponentially, yes; but immortality? And you never know, they might figure out how to do that in the next 20 years. All you'd have to do is figure out a way to tie it into the war effort and they'll throw as many millions as they don't have at the problem to solve it quickly. :/

I do hope I live long enough to see how the whole snakehead thing works out, though. If I'd have read that story 6 months ago I'd probably have flipped out and gone into a big long rant about how humanity is destroying the planet, but now I'm just interested in seeing where it goes.

The year of cock and me with no girlfriend! Jeez, I just can't catch a break!
January 3, 2005   11:50 AM PST
Actually, I thought the link was referring to something Biblical considering the previous statements and the fact that the Bible does have accounts of men giving birth, ie. Adam.

And, no, I didn't follow the link.
January 3, 2005   04:39 PM PST
first of all even if Jesus is pissed I still love you.
second of all debating with a christian is like fight crabgrass it never ceases to be a source or irritation
third of all those children died in the tsunami because they were primaily buddhist, muslim and hindu so it was a christian created tsnami to create fear of retribution in the survivors.
forth of all Jimmy the Fetus would tell you to read Hercules 3:14 And a mighty warrior will slay the leaf bug and shall be called Raid

Now I must rest, I wrote an epic degenerate piece this weekend and didn't bring religion into it once (nor did I mention bestiality, now there's a debate: if the dog licks without the use of penut butter is it among yourselves)
January 3, 2005   04:40 PM PST
P.S. Most men think every year is the year of the cock and the 50th year is the year of viagra
Brandon Starr
January 4, 2005   11:00 AM PST
Interesting idea for a blog, ElvenSarah. Hope someone takes you up on it.

I love reading Christians and others debate the merits of their religion. As soon as their arguments start to inevitably break down, they revert to "my religion is right, you're wrong, and that's it!"
January 4, 2005   02:05 PM PST
You should stop by sometime Brandon. Especially in their Debating With Christians forum. Talk about unabashed hilarity.
fetal feast
January 7, 2005   06:41 PM PST
After you've had 20-30 years of disbelief, you'll probably get a little sick of laboring to disbelieve. I know I did. Thanks for the compliment, btw.
January 9, 2005   03:12 AM PST
You've got an interesting... though at times rather gloomy... view on life.
J f Z
January 9, 2005   12:18 PM PST
No, actually, calling this christian view on life 'gloomy' would be a compliment:

January 12, 2005   01:58 AM PST
... Whoa.

FANTASTIC entry... :-)
January 12, 2005   08:01 AM PST
i'm guessing you're waiting for those 30 comments to role in before a new entry is placed, right? well, sad as it is, i honestly don't hink most christians are equipped with enough knowledge to defend their beliefs. they just end up relying on their feelings. i know from personal experience.
January 12, 2005   06:36 PM PST
Hey Jez, didn't the male seahorse already do it too?
Sinister Ninja
January 13, 2005   03:19 PM PST
Love the entry, Elven Sarah. I always love reading you tear apart portions of the bible.


"The year of cock and me with no girlfriend! Jeez, I just can't catch a break!"

woodsmoke, my good man, ya gotta have a more positive outlook. I just got dumped a few days ago (see my blog if you'd like to feel bad for me), and I look at The Year of the Cock as the best year to be single! What a way to start '05.
January 16, 2005   02:24 PM PST

Love how people say "It's in God's hands." or "god won't give you more than you can handle."

Yep. He just decided to wipe out entire families by tsumani's, have terrorists crash planes into buildings, have families loose children to cancer...
But, it's all in his hands... everything happens for a reason... your faith will help you through the pain.

January 22, 2005   09:40 AM PST
I recently read a book written by a guy in 1973 (read: 10 years before I was born). At that point, scientists were predicting immortality by the 90s, 80s if we really kicked ass on it. And we would have begun the migration to space by the 90s.

Fuck flying cars, we were all going to be immortal and fling ourselvse across the stars.

What happened?
January 22, 2005   11:22 PM PST
I also still don't have my flying car... nor do I have the absolutely safe and effective contraceptive (other than abstinence, of course).

I do hope I get to see this genetic control we humans have before I die. Which would mean that I wouldn't have to suffer death and go meet the devil.
January 23, 2005   08:38 PM PST
Ok.. I dunno that I really belive in evolution on the whole...

Or... Religion in gerneral..

However I did run across this really interesting article while looking at Worst's blog.

After reading it.. I was struck by the idea that maybe the suggestion of evolution has some merrit after all.
January 26, 2005   09:52 PM PST
Sarah, I was raised a Catholic and even went to a seminary for awhile. I went to Nam and soon realized that was a big lie. Then I realized so was all the crap that they told me about religion. I was mad at God, Jesus, all of it. I became a very disinchanted non believer. After awhile I realized that it was mostly authority that I hated and not so much God. He didn't make all this crap up people did. He damn sure didn't put them in charge of spreading the lies (or the truth either). At this point I believe it's possible that there is a God or at least an after life. I just try to stay away from anyone who tells me what to believe.
You might as well give up on your idea to have someone convince you because it will never happen. Hell, there must be at least reincarnation going on beause Hitler came back as George W. Unfortunetly most of our Country men/women came back as the rest of the German population and also unfortunetly they haven't learned a damn thing. I love your blog. I stumbled on it by accident. I think that if there is a God it must be a man/woman being because that makes the most sense when all of nature works that way.
January 27, 2005   04:47 PM PST
We need new posts!

That's it! Your employers are getting an earful from me!
January 31, 2005   08:03 AM PST
one thing about the prayer issue: i don't think it's fair to people who do pray and then go out and do something. Prayer isn't necesarilly about asking God to fix everything. it's asking Him to guide it, and asking for knowledge to do what is necesarry. At least that's how I approach it. Plus it's not always asking for stuff, it's saying "thanks!" too.
February 2, 2005   05:32 PM PST
you rock, tell the christians where to go. if you want to break into porn, i shoot pics & am building a site. i am in so cal, the epicenter of the adult world. keep your lion hungry.
February 3, 2005   12:18 PM PST
wow...great blog!! i really enjoyed reading this entry.
February 14, 2005   04:32 AM PST
LOL, too funny when you think about it... I love it when people question their beliefs and then realise that maybe their beliefs aren't valid.. I don't know, it shows that you're a rational human being.

Why 30 posts before an update??
February 14, 2005   03:11 PM PST
I don't know *why* it's 30 posts before an update, but perhaps I should aid in getting there.

Anyone else want to help?

Or you could click my name while you're waiting, just to spam you some.
February 17, 2005   11:01 AM PST

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Mine's no where near yours, this is awesome. Do you mind if I add you to my links?

See you.
February 17, 2005   05:34 PM PST
Another comment for you to enjoy...

Old age doesn't kill people now. it's stupidity. Until we evolve the common sense to stay alive indefinitely it's not going to happen...
February 19, 2005   10:50 AM PST
There's another one, don't remember where from:

"Some people try to achieve immortality through their children, or through their accomplishments, or through great works of art. Me? I prefer to reach immortality the old fashion way: by not dying."
Sarah Lee
February 19, 2005   01:44 PM PST
God can only be real to you if you let him.

There will always be people who will argue. People of the same religion argue about stupid things all the time.

You cannot convince someone who doesn't want to listen.

Don't let others tell you what to believe. Don't let people convince you that there is or isn't a God.

You must decide for yourself. Perhaps you should keep digging in the Bible of yours.

I know that God is real, not because someone told me or showed me enough proved facts, but because I found him for myself.

You are seeking something....I hope you find it.
February 19, 2005   05:42 PM PST
Despite your nasty comments in reference to my HONEST review and OBJECTIVE analysis of a certain film (which I do not think you thoroughly read), I would like to compliment you on your blogging efforts.
As a proud skeptic and atheist I respect what you are doing, but do not expect the reactions you are hoping for.
In need to know that I am studying to be an ART HISTORIAN...keep that in mind next time you read one of my movie reviews. that last paragraph again...did you not read the words "High School"? Most of us take big steps following those four years of torture. And as for the rest of them, I am referencing dogma, not fact.
Anyway, thanks for speaking up, dear. Don't stop!
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October 1, 2011   05:48 AM PDT
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