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I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods, then you will know why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

Any god who creates a sentient being out of dirt, knowing the being will be damned to hell, should have left the dirt alone. - unknown


Sunday, February 27, 2005
ElvenSarah: Proud participitant of the 1797 XYZ Affair

bat signal searching for logic

Whoa, I'm being told if I do not post by midnight tonight, my life is in danger. It has been a while. I feel like I am living my life holding down the fast forward button. I can’t seem to enjoy anything since I am waiting for my life to be perfect. During the week I tell myself that I will have time to do everything during the weekend then the weekend hits and I tell myself I will have more time next month. I find myself in the next month and it goes from there. I’m still learning to enjoy the moment. I hope you all enjoy these brain exercises.

On Morals and Relativity

Morals are relative. Let me explain my position. I hear often how good and bad are clearly defined immutable truths and if something is good it is always good and vise-versa. This just isn’t the case folks. Let’s take a look at a few laws from the ten commandments.

Do not lie:
Looks like a good law to me. I agree that if we could never trust anyone to tell the truth, life would (is) very confusing. Those who are found to lie at the expense of others should be publicly noted as doing so. There are times though when I believe it is the moral thing to lie.

Imagine this scenario. You are in Germany during Hitler’s rule. Armed patrols are out searching for Jews so they can be taken to prison camps. A soldier knocks on your door and asks if you have seen any Jews. Should you (a) Lie and say no. (b) tell the truth and say yes, we have Corrie Ten Boom in our attic. If you said A, then you believe that the ten commandments should not always be followed. I’m sure you can think of scenarios when killing, stealing, and just about anything can be justified under certain situations.

On mysticism

Mysticism is currently, and always has been, very popular. Religions are big everywhere. Television is filled with shows like Charmed, cartoons like Dragonball Z having characters with mana and superpowers, and people who can see the future or solve crimes with telepathy or psychic powers. It’s all very cool. It’s cool to make things seem mystical even when they are probably not. Anyone who doesn’t have a religion still says they are “Spiritual but not religious”, whatever the hell that means. (Seriously I see this everywhere. It is even an option on the blogdrive profile. Can anyone tell me what it means?) Wouldn’t we all love to wake up one day with a super power. We would be famous and would have a great advantage over everyone else. Maybe we can wake up one day and find out we are in the matrix. That would explain why everything is so bad. We just have to realize it and gain our super powers. We can be the saviour of all, or if you prefer, be saved by a saviour.

There is a reason it is called supernatural. Supernatural means it cannot happen in nature. If it does happen in nature (IE you experience it) then it is not supernatural; it is a natural thing we have not cataloged yet. I’m sure there are plenty of these things, but I am not jumping in front of a train holding a rabbits foot and hoping a whispy alien saves me.

Yeah Theocracies!

Iran, again declaring its “One True Religion” as the only way to live, has sentenced more women to 100 lashes. Their crime you ask? They had sex. They may have been raped. One of them was a girl her mother sold to be a sex slave and was forced to be a prostitute. Anyway I am sure it was her fault. Either was she broke God’s law.

Bloggers who have spoken out against the Iranian Government have been jailed. A government that must silence its people has much to hide. We wouldn’t want people to decide that theocracy isn’t all that great.

committee to protect bloggers website  Free Mojtaba and Arash

The us only club

Apparently the reason the bible is so kooky, and makes no sense to us non-believers is that it requires the Holy Spirit to really understand what it is saying. My question is ff there was a building burning, would your write a book that only those outside the building understood like jesus has? The answer is found in Mark 4:10 “He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables 12so that, “ ‘they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!’”

Deep thought of the Day: Do you ever think god wonders why he has a penis?

I was told by a Christian that it is very wrong to call God a female, or even to describe God in a non-gender form. My question then becomes, what is god doing with this thing other than impregnating Mary? Obviously there are no other Gods he is boinking in the heavens.

Quote of the day: Isaiah 2: “In the last days. . . . He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”


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Posted at 10:28 pm by elvenSarah

February 28, 2005   12:38 PM PST
OK well for starters Feb. is a short month so you will have more time next month. Next since "WE" have given the Iraquis the opportunity to experience a "democratic" election and they elected a Sheite (sp) Cleric to lead the country and the Iranians have a Sheite Cleric leading their country; I'd say that Muslim women and girls are in "deep Sheite". (Honestly I can see those two teaming up an screwing the US royally, kudo's to GW for another fine mess)

Of course God has a penis, more people have been screwed in the name of Christianity and holy wars than in any other way. Problem is "He" knows nothing about foreplay.

Sarah darling smell the roses, and go read Jimmy. One or the other will put a smile on your elven lips.

Thank you for returning to our ranks
Sinister Ninja
February 28, 2005   04:38 PM PST
Great stuff! I couldn't believe my luck when I came by today to a new post... AND right after a wonderful afternoon nap! What a day ;)
March 4, 2005   02:19 PM PST
Everything's coming up Milhouse for you, eh Ninja? :P

Yeah! Theocracies! had me thinking about how close this country is to having that be our reality.
March 4, 2005   03:38 PM PST
miaow....just came here some entries...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!! For your deep atheism and refusal of any form of theocracy...definitely will come to see you again:)
March 14, 2005   07:59 PM PST
In the story of Rahab and the spies when she hid them in Jericho, she lied to save their lives and destroy her city because she had faith in their God. Or was scared of him. heh.
March 27, 2005   04:12 AM PST
I have totally thought about God being a female, or neither gender, just existing. I'm a very -light- christian. I used to be into it but fell out of it a few years ago and gettin' back into now...but anyway...I like reading your blog because I agree with a lot of it and it's very interesting even though some of it conflicts with my own opinions. But I do agree that a lot of christian beleifs are bull.
March 29, 2005   08:39 PM PST

I would like to counter your arguments:

On Morals and Relativity
I don't think you will ever find a person who claims that lying in ALL circumstances is wrong. However, there are many people who believe in an objective, universal morality. You probably do too but don't realize it. An objective morality is where the "right" thing to do in your situation is also the right thing to do in anyone else's situation, provided the situations have similar key facts. There are some universal guidelines that are often used to determine if an action is moral. There are distinctly right and wrong actions and intrinsic moral values. Instead of "do not lie," a moral objectivist would say, "Do not lie to intentionally bring about an immoral effect." So, of course, lying to save the life of an innocent person is acceptable, and believing that does not make you a moral relativist. On the contrary, a moral objectivist would agree with you. A moral relativist is a person who believes that actual RIGHT and WRONG will DIFFER from one person to the next, according to someone's personal whims. For example, "It's okay for me to cheat on my exam because it doesn't go against my morals. If it goes against your morals then don't do it." --A Moral Relativist

On Mysticism
"Spiritual but not religious" does make sense, in the connotations they are meaning. "Spiritual" means you believe in the divine, you may pray or worship or look to an afterlife. If you practice your personal beliefs to this effect, then you are "spiritual," according to their meaning. "Religious" means you adhere to the rules and traditions of an organized sect. Someone who does not attend church, does not affiliate with any church, but has a personal relationship with a god, would describe him- or herself as "spriritual but not religious." It is, of course, possible to be both spiritual and religious too.

The Us Only Club
The message you are stating is not the message that the biblical verse is conveying in context. Jesus was talking to his disciples, basically saying, "You guys know who I am and I can tell you my teachings straight up, but all these other people would not listen to my teachings because it's all pretty radical for the old Jewish traditions, so I tell them in stories (parables) which are analogous to my teachings so they can find truth for themselves, if they choose to believe it."

God Has a Penis?
Whatever Christian told you that God is male did not have a sound theological background. Any theologian will tell you that God does not have a sex. Sex organs in the animal world are meant for reproduction. Males and females each have certain disadvantages that arise from their gender, but sex is necessary for procreation. The main characteristic of a god is that God is perfect. The body is an earthly limitation that is transcended by God. Hence, God is neither bound by male-ness nor female-ness. This is what real theologians will tell you. I'm sorry that your Christian friend was misinformed. No need to worry about that anymore!

Finally, Sarah, I love that quote from Isaiah. It is so optimistic. Whether you are an "unbeliever" or not :) Amen indeed.

It's been fun.
Sinister Ninja
April 13, 2005   11:18 PM PDT
I've checked here... roughly... 30 times since Feb. 27th. *clears throat*

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