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I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods, then you will know why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

Any god who creates a sentient being out of dirt, knowing the being will be damned to hell, should have left the dirt alone. - unknown


Wednesday, March 31, 2004
The passion of merch

Well, as expected, the latest passion film has created a huge industry of people wanting to buy home versions of the torture devices found in the movie.  I've seen nails (Yes, nails),The Passion Pocket Pins & Coins, The Passion of the Christ Nail Pendant,Wall Plaque, books, tapes, Road to the Cross Desktop Art and the crown of thorns. 
crown of thorns and lillies
The description under this item is "
Consider this vivid, stark reminder of Christ's suffering."  Ain't it a cute little torture device with those flowers next to it?  I'm sorry, but when you love someone, I just find it odd to purchase minature versions of the device used to kill them and then putting it up in your house or around your neck.  Isn't it better to remember the teachings of christ and have morals based on what is right, instead of, well that must have hurt a lot, we should follow him.  Which is more important, a day of pain, or a life of moral teachings?  Maybe if I feel bad enough about what happened, then that will make me a good christian and god will let me in heaven?  Some lunatic is going to wear this thing to try to appease god.  It will happen.  Probably already has.

Religion seems to be fascinated by pain.  Through pain we can cleanse the evil from our body.  It is a purchased ticket to a clean concious.  If god is all powerful, it can set any rules it wants.  According to the common christian cannon, the rules it decided to set is that it must have a human version of itself be tortured to death in order to create a gateway to heaven and allow itself to forgive us.  That is some twisted stuff.

Off Topic: So what is this I am hearing about "Operation Desert Badger"?  WTF is that?

Well I think I will go listen to a little bit less bloody merch; the album from Moulin Rouge.  That should get me back into a lighter mood.

Posted at 07:15 pm by elvenSarah

April 2, 2004   05:45 AM PST
Religion is the most destructive force ever devised. It has killed more people than the atomic bomb, and caused more misery than the dark ages. Bill Hicks said "You don't get people walking up to Jackie Kennedy with rifle pendants, saying 'just thinking of John'..."
Friday's Child
April 6, 2004   08:37 AM PDT
I don't really have a comment on the post. I just wanted to say thank you for the comment and well wishes. *hugs*

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