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I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods, then you will know why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

Any god who creates a sentient being out of dirt, knowing the being will be damned to hell, should have left the dirt alone. - unknown


Monday, May 31, 2004
Wars, Politics, and the nuts who create them. Losing Face with the International Community

It is finished!

If you believe the book of John, and disregard the other books of gospel, then jesus’s last words were “It is finished”.  Well now I can say the same, about my surgery!  I finally have all six of my wisdom teeth out!  (At least I should, I haven’t seen the X-rays, but I have no reason to doubt the surgeon)  This last surgery was rough.  My mouth still bleeds on occasion.  My lips have a large fissure where they had to open my mouth very wide.  Eating is still not as fun as it should be, but I am happy to be done with all the primary surgery.  Now let’s hope the third wisdom tooth moves back in place, out from under wisdom tooth number two.  Then I will be pretty and everyone will love me, I just know it!  I will get asked to the dance by the most popular guy at school, and we will wow the crowd with our moves.  Then we will ride off in a white carriage as we kiss and everyone gathers around to cheer for us.  Doves will carry a banner above us and trumpets will sound.  Authors and poets will write about us and children will sing our praises.  It will be magical.  Yeesh.  What are they putting in my meds?


American Civil War Part II

Speaking of fissures, here are some fundies who want South Carolina to break from the U.S. and become their own nation.  Apparently they want a country where everyone lives by the rules of their particular brand of religion.  I think that is called a theocracy.  Fun places like Iran, Northern Africa, and Dark Age Europe are examples of theocracies. 


My question is, once this groups takes control of South Carolina, will they burn all the heretics at the stake who originally lived there?  I would hope this does happen, except for that unfortunate situation.  You see, this plan could get all the crazy fundies to move to South Carolina.  They will then kill each other over who has the best bible translation, or how to take communion.  We then take Carolina back, nice and empty, and are rid of these nut jobs.


What year is this?  Where am I?

The last living widow of  a civil war veteran has died.  She was 97.  The Civil war was 140 years ago.  She outlived her husband, who was also her grandson.  For the explanation of these seemingly nonsensical sentences, read this CNN article. 



Amnesty International Condemns U.S.

Great Job!  We are now on the same list as China for human rights violations at home and abroad.  I can’t be more proud. 


Why we must vote for Bush!

a country doesn't hate us yet

That’s what I had in mind when I voted for him in 2000.



Now, you can do something about getting Bush out of office, or if you are lazy, you can just play the Anti-Bush Online Adventure staring Hulk Hogan, Mr. T. ALF, C3PO, and other favorites from the ‘80s!



Face Off

Want a new face?  Did your favorite star just die and you would like to look like them?  Now you can.  What a weird world this could be.

New Eyes in Space

2014 will see the first of two telescopes launched by NASA to find earth sized planets orbiting other stars.  So far we have only found gas giants, but with this step we will move closer to finding intelligent life like us on other planets.



Florida Executes Man for Suicide Attempt

It seems in the state of Florida it is illegal to have doctors help you commit suicide.  If you want the state to do if for you though, all you have to do is kill some people.  A suicidal man in prison wanted to die, so he killed a fellow prisoner to get on death row.  Uh, why not just kill him in the first place, without making him kill someone else first?


President Kerry and Vice President John McCain

I think that would make a good combination, and one that the American people would vote for, but it won’t happen, thanks to party politics.  Never mind what is best.




Did you know fundy is not in the dictionary?  Gullible made it in.  Fundy will eventually.

This font hurts my eyes.

Sean Connery: I've got to ask you about the Penis Mightier.

Alex Trebek: What? No. No, no, that is The Pen is Mightier.

Sean Connery: Gussy it up however you want, Trebek. What matters is does it work? Will it really mighty my penis, man?

More here

Enjoy your memorial day and remember that many have been killed in this world over arguments.  As an aside I hereby claim antarctica for me.  I'm not sure what I will do with it, but it seems to be the last land left before Mars is open.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004
The day off post

We are all ambassadors in the brave new world

Today, as most days, I have spoken with people from several countries.  We have discussed foreign policy, religion, sex, and what they ate for breakfast.  I've read daily personal accounts of people living in Iraq, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, Russia, Africa, Asia, you name it.  Tomorrow, if I wake up and found that America is at war with another nation, I could probably find a journal of someone from that nation and read about their feelings on the war.  I could even start a conversation with them via instant message.  Would it be a civil war if I were drafted and forced to shoot my friends? 

We are all taking part in one of the largest, most spectacular social experiments in history.  We have created a new nation of internet citizens, complete with communities, clubs, game halls, religious institutions, and one new and powerful thing, the ability to easily search out and interact with those we would never have known.  Today I read about a fellow blogger that was killed in a car crash.  Her last entry was made by her boyfriend as he tells the story of their last moments together.  It brought tears to me eyes and I have never met them.  It is very strange having all the words of someone written to see, along with the daily life and plans and entries dated just last week, knowing that they are now dead.

What will come of this experiment?  I read so many brilliant minds writing on the internet about social views which would never be published in mainstream society.  I become encouraged and sure we are headed for utopia with the next generation.  Then I read the bickering and wars in blogs and forums over the smallest misunderstanding and feel that humanity is destined for eternal war and struggle.  Will universal acceptance ever come to being?  Do we need nations will taller fences, or maybe some maturity as people?  Personally, as often as I can, and sometimes when I shouldn't, I blame religion.  Any paradigm that tells its followers that it is the only way, and could not be wrong, and that all else is evil, is destined to cause war.

Six degrees of hello neighbor! - An update

Feel the love.  Thanks to a plugin using and this site I have found that you can easily find a chain of links from your site and find your sixth degree blog neighbor. 

Along these lines is the e-mail experiment done by which gave an indivdual a target person in another country and they must get a message to them by passing it on to someone they know.  It seems it is usually possible within 5-7 e-mail messages.

The Remainder

Was the internet slow yesterday and today?  Must be some backbone down or something.  Anyway I am not doing well today.  I am extremely tired and woke up either with bad allergies or I'm starting to get sick.  I also switched meds yesterday, and it is making me very nauseous.  Hopefully my writing is at least somewhat coherent.  Now I have work to do.  Must find a way to fix a corrupted excel file.  :(  As a note, this post pushes all my turtle pics to the next page, and now the columns shrink back.  Such is life.

Work for peace and strive for understanding.  Thanks for reading  :)

Alex Trebek: Let's just go to "Animal Sounds" for 600. This is the sound a doggy makes.
[Sean Connery buzzes in]
Alex Trebek: Mr. Connery.
Sean Connery: Moo.
Alex Trebek: No.
Sean Connery: Well, that's the sound your mother made last night!

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Hardcore Nudity! The real reason you read my blog

Well I had a very cerebral and philosophically deep elucidation planned for tonight, but I am dead tired, and if I tried to pull it off it would turn out to be drivel, and then I would get a call from Descartes on the philosopher's line and he would be like "I'm sorry Sarah, but we are going to have to let you go.  That last post was just not up to par."  So now for something completely different.

Nude around the world:

Students in the UK broke the record for most nude people riding a roller coaster and they helped raise money for a charitable cause.  "Around 100 students from 15 universities dropped all inhibitions and rode the terrifying 360-degree Nemesis Inferno rollercoaster at Thorpe Park, Surrey."

link - contains nudity

A similar thing was planned here in America, right in my own backyard.  America really hasn't matured as Europe has though, and it was promptly cancelled after public outrage erupted.  The thing is it was a private party, not some nude parade, yet several organizations threatened to ban the water park if the event was held.  Seriously people, if you don't want to attend, then don't, but that doesn't mean you must decide what is right for other people.  What is so evil about areolas on a female that would make the sun explode if they are seen outside?  For those of you who don't know, this is a waterpark a few miles outside Fresno, California.  The smaller cities surrounding Fresno are extremely conservative and diametrically opposed to the more liberal areas of California such as San Francisco.  These smaller cities are well known for blocking any such event from the area and always protest rock concerts when they are scheduled in the area and call all the local churches to ready the prayer warriors.

link - no nudity, unfortunately  I actually know some of the individuals and organizations mentioned in this article. 

Porn played instead of school announcements at high school

I don't agree with forcing someone to watch porn, but this is a very funny prank.  I'm sure all the local fundies had a heart attack knowing their 18 year old may have seen a nude body.

Got a Job?
got job graduation hat
I worked 2 hours last week.  It takes an hour to drive to work and an hour back.  I have to dress well to work there so I have to take the time to get ready.  I have to pay for gas and usually buy dinner at a fast food place.  It is not helping me and I am getting a bit upset.  It's times like this that the movie Office Space hits too close to home.  I just can't seem to find the time to work on my websites though.  Someone please help me!  I must get these done so I don't have to rely on crappy jobs for income.

Don't quote me on that

"Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity."  Thanks for the quote.  You know who you are.

Stay Safe out there people 
condom phoneline virus protection

nude food

Is it commentary on the way we treat women in society?  Is it an erotic image?  This could be taken many ways.  What do you all think?

Full Service Dental:
legs chair

Monday I finally get the last of my wisdom teeth out.  Hopefully none of this will be going on while I am under.

Random thought of the night:  Are all blog owners named Sarah, and all webmasters and bulletin board sysops named Dave?  I'm sure if I started a web clique along these lines it would have millions of members.

I'll probably be sued for this blog I know it.  That or something worse.  A Senate employee lost her job for posting her sex life in a blog, and reporting about things she stole.  Oops.

Hopefully I will post that earth shaking article sometime next week after the surgery.  Tomorrow I will probably be more tired than I am now.  Weird sleep schedules I have been on.  I am a night person, but my jobs and duties all take place in the day.

P.S.  I was visitor 777 to my blog, but I missed 666.  I'm sure some religious superstitious individual was very happy to be visitor 666 while reading such an evil blog.

Thanks for reading.  Peace out.  :)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Oh the Humanity!

Hi, I'm an Idiot!

CNN reports that a high school student in Odessa Texas drank an unknown chemical from the chemistry lab on a dare.  He was found in a school hallway bleeding from the nose and mouth and his throat was closed.  Apparently his asshole friends ditched him after handing him the unknown beaker of death.  He is now recovering in the hospital.  Too bad Billy.  Maybe you can make those Darwin awards next year when you swallow 50 9 volt batteries and a litre of bleach.

Natural Selection Foiled Again!

Evolution was halted from removing more fundies today as a german couple married for nine years was told the reason they have no children is because they don't have sexual relations.  It seems the couple went to a fertility clinic to find out why they could not get pregnant.  The clinic eventually found that the couple grew up with strict fundamentalist parents and had no notion of sex.  The story is being covered by and is almost certainly false, though still funny for those of us who have lived in a fundamentalist family.

Anesthesia error left surgery patient alert

The feeling of helplessness is a terrifying thing for anyone, and this is a classic nightmare.  Carol Weihrer was still conscious while doctors removed her eye.  She felt no pain, but could feel the pressure from the gouging and pulling, and could see the surgery taking place.  She said the worse part was not being able to move.  "It's like being entombed."  "Maybe you did die ... and maybe you're in hell."  She now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and cannot lie down as it triggers feelings of helplessness.

Women, Stop Doing This to Yourself!

tough situp
I've fallen, and I can't get up!  Seriously, there is no need to have breast implants this large.  She is obviously in great shape, then goes out and turns herself into a freak show that will have health problems and trouble performing everyday tasks.  Unfortunately, this is not the worst example.  I have seen breasts twice this large.  It gets to the point where they are not even recognizable as breasts anymore.  It's ridiculous.  This is your body.

Swarm of Space Robots Protect Earth

SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI), has completed initial research into Modular Asteroid Deflection Mission Ejector Node (MADMEN) spacecraft thanks to a grant from the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC).  The design calls for several ships (up to a thousand) to be sent toward a near-Earth object (NEO), each robot drilling into the object and throwing the pieces into space, thus pushing the object slowly off course.  All I have to say is Damn, scientists like acronyms.

Democratic operatives form group to stop Nader

John Kerry met with Ralph Nader after Nadar complained that he was being ignored by Kerry.  Meanwhile another Democratic organization announced it would run ads against Nader in key states.  I wish we could get out of this party system mess.  Unfortunately a vote for another party is like a vote for Bushy.  I would like to see each candidate fill out a form listing their stance on all current issues and this form mailed to all voters.  We can then have debates on why they feel their stance is correct, and the voters can choose the candidate that best represents them.  While we are at it, lets get rid of the electoral college, and corporate donations to our leaders.  People should decide who they want to fund, not the corporation they work for.  Why do we want corporations to have senators in their pocket?

Raising a Terrorist; It takes a village

My high school alma mater is shut down today.  Yesterday there was a bomb threat and two lists of people to be killed as well as a report to a newspaper that there would be violence today.  This town will probably be the next littleton.

I'm sure many of you have heard of the abusive parents who named their child "version 2.0".  Well here is some humour for you from John Zakour's Geek Toons:
x-box boy

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Monday, May 17, 2004
Orgasm Inducing Chocolate

How fat are americans going to get on this stuff?  Check out this slightly bizarre story on the "Orgasmic chocolate" that could be released in the next five years.  "They will contain higher than normal levels of the chemical phenyl ethylamine, which the body releases during sex"  I have no idea what they are trying to say about the robotic prostitutes, but I am sure they saw it in an anime.

"America is the best durned nation in the world!"

Now I won't deny that america is a much better place to live than many of the other choices, but the best country in the world?  Let's see what makes america so great.

1.  We have the highest life expectancy

Nope.  It is actually number 48!

2.  We have the most internet users per capita

Nope.  We are number 7. 

3.  We have the lowest crime rate

nope.  We are 23rd for the number of murders per capita.

4.  We have the highest number of democratically minded citizens

Nope.  We are number 63 on election turnout.

5.  We are the best educated

nope.  We are 18th in math and 68th on literacy.

6.  We are the most generous

nope.  We are 20th on donated aid per capita.

7.  Yet we do have the highest gross national income (second GDP)

8.  We have the lowest unemployment rate

nope we are 52nd.

So you see, America really isn't best at everything.  Don't even get me started on america having the most equality and freedom from the government.  I think countries with female presidents and gay marriage would disagree. 

Six Degrees of Separation

As an aside, I have been wondering if you could connect any two reasonably linked blogs within 6 jumps.  Google may have some interesting statistics on that.

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bad religion

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Sunday, May 16, 2004
Doing it Missionary Style

Christian Orgy
Back in the day I was a missionary for christ on campus.  I would go around asking people if they knew jesus.  "He is a great guy!  Jesus is inside me right now.  He fills me up and makes me feel so gooood.  Now I feel the holy spirit in me!  Oh, he is moving!  Oh God, right there! YES!  YES!  YES!"

Well anyway, I visited my friends from that era this past weekend.  Overall it was a great time.  Many of the people in the group are nerds so we talked about nerdy stuff.  I did have to hold back a few times when they began discussing how evil gays are and other great christian topics.  The only thing bad about the trip is that it cost a bit more than I was hoping.  A couple friends told me I could stay with them, but when I got to their place and knocked on the door they didn't answer and the lights were off, so I had to get a hotel around midnight.  I fell asleep around 2 then got up at 6 so I could make it to the graduation in time.  After graduation they wanted to know why I didn't show, so I guess they were in a back room or something and didn't hear me.

I rechecked my surgery appointment and found out it is not this monday, but next monday!  Another week before I get my teeth out.  Guess I should try to get some work done during this week now.

I have been thinking how sloppy I have been with my identity lately.  I used to be very uptight about anyone finding my identity and knowing I was no longer a christian, but lately I have just been posting everything all over the internet and giving more than enough information for anyone to figure it out.  Subconsciously I think I am trying to get people to find out so I don't have to be undercover anymore.  Sometimes I just want to scream and tell people what I know.  It has been two years this summer, yet I still play the game, still nod and act like I agree with the stupidity, the hate, the harm being done to people I love.

Don't Breath the Dirt!

My area was recently ranked as having some of the worst air quality in the nation.  This made me happy to read a new report confirming the link between particles in the air and genetic damage that is passed to offspring.  See, pollution is not bad!  I've always wanted a green swamp monster child with its legs protruding from its stomach and its lungs outside its body.  Genetic Damage is good!  Really!  Who needs to see in color anyway?  And that hair growing from your eyeballs, I've always wanted that!

The Video

I had decided not to watch the Nicholas Berg video.  I didn't need more of that kind of thing in my head.  After I made this decision I read about some odd things appearing in the video that made people wonder of its origin.  (red jumpsuit, previous american custody, etc)  The curiosity got the best of me and I watched it.  As expected, it is not pretty.  I felt in a daze for a while after watching it.

***Graphic Description ***

The man behind him reads several pages in arabic (I assume), then takes out a large knife and throws Berg to the floor.  We hear Berg scream, Oh God No! then hear gurgling noises and muffled screams as they cut off his head.  They are all chanting what sounds like Allah.  The head is held up, then they place it on his back with a closeup showing the head, neck, and floor with blood.

***End Graphic Description ***

It is terrible that it has come to this.  Is there any end in sight?  Anyone with the wisdom to change the world, and make this kind of thing stop?

The problem, Doctor, is that I do not exist

It would not be kind to leave all of you depressed from that last segment, so how about I get you thinking about the existence of nothingness instead?  I found this website while searching for information on nihilism.  It is basic, but interesting material.  "In reality, there is not time, only change"

Damn you sock pirates!

I have an odd number of socks, and I am fairly certain I purchased an even number.  Would who(m)ever took my sock(s) please return them or let me know what is being done with them?

step 1:  Steal socks
step 2: ????
step 3: profit!

Buy Me!

Not only do I need a new car, but I need a new cell phone.  The cell phone looks like it will be first.  My current cell runs on coal power, which is better than my first cell, which was a baby pigeon in a little cage.  I'm planning to get the LG G4011, a cheap, but at least modern phone.  That means I'm selling my old one!  I'm not making any guaranties here, but my old cell phone may have been used to get me off, and my have been in my naughty places and further more, probably has Sarah DNA on it!  I'll start the bidding at a low $40k.

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Friday, May 14, 2004
Here and Away


I stopped posting in my favorite forum on Sunday.  I needed to focus my attention on my goals.  They have been slipping away for too long.  So what have I done on my websites since then?  Not much.  There are always distractions aren't there.  This past week I have been busy at work.  (Which is good for the check book, even though I don't get paid enough for what I do)  When I get back from work I am tired, stressed, and have no desire to work on anything.   My perfectionist side kicks in and says "You're too tired to do a good job.  Better surf the web instead".  My lazy side likes the idea.  (Those are my two sides)  I started off reading Dasien, then started exploring links from there.   Now I'm typing this from two hours out in cyberspace and no idea how I got here.

Are humans ever satisfied?  We want what we don't have, and want to do what we aren't doing.  That is another big part of my laziness.  I know I need to get the sites done, so I instead feel like doing other things.  If I, for some reason, was forced to do those other things, I would be slacking off by creating sites.  It is like the Simpsons episode (All things in life have an analogy in the simpsons) where bart is trying to study for history, but keeps slacking off and reading his math book.  When I have math problems to do, my room usually gets cleaned first.

I'm leaving for northen cali friday after work.  I wanted to be there early, but I have to reset some servers after everyone goes home.  A friend of mine is graduating saturday and I haven't seen her in a year and a half.  Should be lots of other people there that weekend who I haven't seen in a while.

Monday I have the last of my oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, so I will be out a couple days after that.

This just in:  Dave Chappelle's first season a big crapcake.

The first season of Chappelle's show is not funny.  I just watched the entire first season because everyone and their dog is talking about it.  There were a couple funny skits, but for the most part it was mediocre.  During most of the episodes I kept thinking, "I'm funnier than this show.  Why am I watching this?"  I plan to get the "I'm Rick James Bitch" episode and see if the show has gotten better.  Maybe the show is an hour now or something I don't know.  Whatever the case, if it hasn't improved drastically, I am writing it off as a loss.  I'll stick to South Park and Family Guy. 

Now That's Irony!

A book about censorship has been banned from a school district.  It seems the book mentioned breasts, which we all know are evil.  We can't allow our teens to know basic anatomy.
Brandon decides what's best for his classmates.  Obviously his moral ideas are superior
Brandon Jerome, 15, holds up the book he got banned.  Later that day his mom explains to him how the storks know how to deliver the babies to the correct families.  Tomorrow the duo plans to get "The Velveteen Rabbit" banned.  "Clearly this book [Velveteen] promotes a promiscuous lifestyle.  We all know that rabbits are created from a sexual relationship.  Rabbits are known to do the evil deed and procreate very often.  Why else would they be the symbol of the satanic society known as playboy, as well as the symbol of those who would steal easter from us?"

Brandon is scheduled to live with his mom until he is 40, at which time he will become a serial killer who has sex with the dead bodies of his victims and then cleanses them by drinking their blood.  In this picture we see how Brandon's mom controls his movements by sticking her arm up his ass.  In 1976, She had her anus sewn shut as she believes defecating is immoral.  We believe this is the reason she has shit for brains.

It's almost over!  (And just as you were beginning to like it)

Sorry about the length of this rant.  I have no place to vent now that I am out of the forum.  I'm still not sure how to vent without starting a thread and using the quote button.  Does anyone want to discuss the ridiculousness of the ubiquitous christian use of jeremiah 29:11?  No?  How about the fact that most stores will stock a video game that gives you points for shooting people in their car and then stealing it to run over pedestrians, but a game with nudity is just wrong.  We can't have that in our store.  Still no?  Ok.

I will end this with a quote from a woman much wiser than I.

"I've concluded that certitude of rightness is the true evil which attacks harmony among humans." -Lady Pitchu

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Friday, April 30, 2004
Driving below the speed limit prohibits defensive driving

Dog Dammit!  I got pulled over again.  This time since my registration sticker feel off my license plate.  Now I get to take care of that as well as the speeding ticket I got.  I feel that those who drive fast usually (certainly not always) are better drivers.  They stay more alert, their brain is using beta waves, and they are aware of what is around them.  People get tunnel vision staring at the car in front of them and usually start daydreaming.

My boss touched my ass today.  I'm talking full cuppage on the lower-middle area.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident (god I hope so) since I stopped walking and he was just behind me, but it made things awkward for the remainder of the day. 

So I am working on saturday.  At least I will get some hours in.  I've been so busy I need to cut back on something and decide what is really important.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Through the looking glass: Morons and the Matrix

A Republican representative wants to get the state out of the "marriage" business and instead grant only "civil unions" to both gays and straights...

Thank you jebus!  Finally a republican is making sense on this issue.  If marriage is a religious institution that must be defined by the bible, why is it performed by the state to decide tax rights and many other issues?

Wash away your sins with this soap, bubble bath, lip balm, candle, or breath spray!  Never has cleansing your sins been so easy or smell so good!
anti sin soap

Testamints!  Now you can spread lies with a clean mouth!

Atheist Parents Discussion and helpful ideas for atheist parent.

cures religious terrorism
Great bumper stickers
 - Instead of being born again, why don't you just grow up? -or-

Militant Agnostic: I don't know, and neither do you

Wow that was a lot of links.  So anyway a friend recommending watching Equilibrium as it is supposed to be better than the matrix.  I have heard the same of Dark City and Ghost in the Shell.  Seen the latter.

A friend of mine asked me to add his site to my blog.  It is a web page he created with hints to avoid spam, viruses and adware.  It is aimed at the amateur computer user, but it has some good stuff so check it out!  tips  I guess this is the first page of what will be a complete site of computer related guides, but I don't know.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Jesus seems familiar

But first, check out these giant snails:
shell gloved hand


Test your knowledge!


-He was born of the virgin Maya, who was considered the "Queen of Heaven.
- He was of royal descent.
- He crushed a serpent's head.
- He performed miracles and wonders, healed the sick, fed 500 men from a "small basket of cakes," and walked on water.
- He abolished idolatry, was a "sower of the word," and preached "the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness."
- He taught chastity, temperance, tolerance, compassion, love, and the equality of all.
- He was transfigured on a mount.
- He was crucified in a sin-atonement, suffered for three days in hell, and was resurrected.
- He ascended to "heaven." HE WAS...BUDDHA


- He contributed the name of Jesus Christ. He and his once-and-future Father, are frequently interchangeable in the mythos ("I and my Father are one").
- He was born of the virgin Meri on December 25th in a cave/manger, with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.
- He was a child teacher in the Temple and was baptized when he was 30 years old. He was also baptized by "Anup the Baptizer," who becomes "John the Baptist."
- He had 12 disciples.
- He performed miracles and raised one man, el-Azar-us, from the dead.
- He walked on water.
- He was transfigured on the Mount.
- He was crucified, buried in a tomb and resurrected.
- He was also the "Way, the Truth, the Light, the Messiah, God's Anointed Son, the Son of Man, the Good Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the Word" etc.
- He was "the Fisher," and was associated with the Lamb, Lion and Fish.
- His personal epithet was "Iusa," the "ever-becoming son" of "Ptah," the "Father."
- HE was called "the KRST," or "Anointed One," long before the Christians duplicated the story.
- In the catacombs at Rome are pictures of Him as a baby being held by his virgin mother. HE WAS... the Egyptian God HORUS

(The ancient Egyptians also adopted the cross as a religious symbol of their pagan gods. Countless Egyptians drawings depict themselves holding crosses in their hands. Among them, the Egyptian savior Horus is depicted holding a cross in his hand. He is also depicted as an infant sitting on his mother's knee with a cross on the seat they occupy. The most common of the crosses used by these pagan Egyptians, the crux ansata, was later adopted by the Christians)



- He was born on December 25th.
- He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.
- He had 12 companions or disciples.
- He performed miracles.
- He was buried in a tomb.
- After three days he rose again.
- His resurrection was celebrated every year.
- He was called "the Good Shepherd."
- He was considered "the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah."
- He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
- His sacred day was Sunday, "the Lord's Day," hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.
- He had his principal festival on what was later to become Easter, at which time he was resurrected.
- His religion had a Eucharist or "Lord's Supper."HE WAS... MITHRA

("He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made on with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation." An inscription to Mithras which parallels John 6:53-54. This inscription is inside the vatican... in the tomb of saint peter.)



- Born of a Virgin
- His father was a carpenter.
- His birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and he was presented with gold, frankincense and myrrh.
- He was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered the slaughter of thousands of infants.
- He was of royal descent.
- He was baptized in A river.
- He worked miracles and wonders.
- He raised the dead and healed lepers, the deaf and the blind.
- Krishna used parables to teach the people about charity and love.
- "He lived poor and he loved the poor."
- He was transfigured in front of his disciples.
- In some traditions he died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves.
- He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.
- He is called the "Shepherd God" and "Lord of lords," and was considered "the Redeemer, Firstborn, Sin Bearer, Liberator, Universal Word."
- He is the second person of the Trinity, and proclaimed himself the "Resurrection" and the "way to the Father."
- He was considered the "Beginning, the Middle and the End," ("Alpha and Omega"), as well as being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. - His disciples bestowed upon him the title "Jezeus," meaning "pure essence."
- He is to return to do battle with the "Prince of Evil," who will desolate the earthHE WAS... KRISHNA

(The similarities between the Christian character and the Indian messiah are many. Indeed, Massey finds over 100 similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors, and Graves, who includes the various noncanonical gospels in his analysis, lists over 300 likenesses. It should be noted that a common earlier English spelling of Krishna was "Christna," which reveals its relation to '"Christ." It should also be noted that, like the Jewish godman, many people have believed in a historical, carnalized Krishna)



- God was his father
- He was born in a cave or cowshed.
- A human woman, a virgin, was his mother.
- His birth was prophesized by a star in the heavens.
- At a marriage ceremony, he performed the miracle of converting water into wine.
- He was powerless to perform miracles in his hometown.
- His followers were born-again through baptism in water.
- He rode triumphantly into a city on a donkey. Tradition records that the inhabitants waved palm leaves.
- He had 12 disciples.
- He was accused of licentious behavior.
- He was killed near the time of the Vernal Equinox, about MAR-21.
- He died "as a sacrifice for the sins of the world."
- He was hung on a tree, stake, or cross.
- After death, he descended into hell.
- On the third day after his death, he returned to life.
- The cave where he was laid was visited by three of his female followers.
- He later ascended to heaven.
- His titles: God made flesh. Savior of the world Son of God.
- He is "God made man," and equal to the Father.
- He will return in the last days.
- He will judge the human race at that time.
- Humans are separated from God by original sin. The godman's sacrificial death reunites the believer with God and atones for the original sin.HE WAS... OSIRIS-DIONYSUS

"Thus says Horus son of Isis: I have come to you, O Wennefer, and I bring Ani to you. His heart is true, having gone forth from the balance, and he has not sinned against any god or goddess. Thoth has judged him in writing which has been told to the Ennead, and Maat the great has witnessed. Let there be given to him [of my] bread and beer which have been issued in the presence of Osiris, and he will be forever like the Followers of Horus." [Papyrus of Ani Plate 4] 1500 B.C.E.

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