Entry: Turtles, pigs, and panties Sunday, April 25, 2004

I'm dead tired so I decided to take a little break and show off my cute turtles!  I have a giant desert tortoise and a water turtle.  The desert tortoise likes to chase around our little dogs (one dachshund and one mixed something) while the dogs chase the water turtle.  (It isn't in the water all the time.  Sometimes the tortoise will sneek up behind the dog and touch it on the back, sending the dog running away.  I think it is looking for a mate, but I don't know.  Sure is a funny food chain to watch though.  It also scratches at the door to get in like a dog.  Ahhhhh....so cute. 
tort pic 1tort pic 2

These are from last year just before hibernation.  The bandage is for an injury caused by a large dog of the turtle's former owner.  It looks a lot healthier now.  The turtle is over a foot long and nearly 3/4 of a foot high.  It will eat grapes your of your hand.

We just got the water turtle, and are not sure what it eats.  We think it may have eaten some goldish in the water dish, but not sure.  It has a tail like an alligator and looks a little like this:
water bush

The water turtle is very fast and likes to come out in the rain. 

Is this not some of the strangest shit you have ever seen?  Elsie the Inflatable Cow, Luvin Lamb -White, and Alien Love Doll.  WTF?

erotic blow-up love piggy

Oh the Japanese.  Interesting nation indeed.  Check out this picture, confirming the fabled vending machines with used schoolgirl panties.

It's sunday.  Remember to worship the sun god today.  It faithfully rises in the east and goes west to the underworld each night, only to rise again. 

Note: Yeah, I've now got two pages on this blog!


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