Entry: Monday mornings Monday, April 26, 2004

Well my surgery had to be rescheduled since the oral surgeons office recorded the wrong kind of appt for me. Sew, now my schedule is all fuchsia-ed (skayrooyed) up and as usual I need sleep and that is keeping me from doing anything productive.  Oh well.  Here is a quote I came across today:

Something funny is happening on the way to the American forum: citizens are discovering they have an empire they never wanted--paid for in casualites, with civil liberties the first victim."

--Patirck Lloyd Hatcher, U.S. Army colonel (retired)

It is so hot I want to take my pants off.  I think I will.  Cali is just too hot.  Must move to beach.


April 26, 2004   11:44 PM PDT
thanks for the tag on my board. :) great little blog you've got here! i love tortoises and turtles. they're just the coolest damn things. well, next to lizards and snakes and skinks.
May 26, 2004   09:00 PM PDT
See you at the beach. ;-)

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