Entry: Driving below the speed limit prohibits defensive driving Friday, April 30, 2004

Dog Dammit!  I got pulled over again.  This time since my registration sticker feel off my license plate.  Now I get to take care of that as well as the speeding ticket I got.  I feel that those who drive fast usually (certainly not always) are better drivers.  They stay more alert, their brain is using beta waves, and they are aware of what is around them.  People get tunnel vision staring at the car in front of them and usually start daydreaming.

My boss touched my ass today.  I'm talking full cuppage on the lower-middle area.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident (god I hope so) since I stopped walking and he was just behind me, but it made things awkward for the remainder of the day. 

So I am working on saturday.  At least I will get some hours in.  I've been so busy I need to cut back on something and decide what is really important.


May 8, 2004   06:33 PM PDT
shit i love you so freakin much i could die
May 8, 2004   07:10 PM PDT
full cuppage! holy GOD! you STOPPED? I'm not worthy.
May 9, 2004   04:47 PM PDT
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