Entry: Here and Away Friday, May 14, 2004


I stopped posting in my favorite forum on Sunday.  I needed to focus my attention on my goals.  They have been slipping away for too long.  So what have I done on my websites since then?  Not much.  There are always distractions aren't there.  This past week I have been busy at work.  (Which is good for the check book, even though I don't get paid enough for what I do)  When I get back from work I am tired, stressed, and have no desire to work on anything.   My perfectionist side kicks in and says "You're too tired to do a good job.  Better surf the web instead".  My lazy side likes the idea.  (Those are my two sides)  I started off reading Dasien, then started exploring links from there.   Now I'm typing this from two hours out in cyberspace and no idea how I got here.

Are humans ever satisfied?  We want what we don't have, and want to do what we aren't doing.  That is another big part of my laziness.  I know I need to get the sites done, so I instead feel like doing other things.  If I, for some reason, was forced to do those other things, I would be slacking off by creating sites.  It is like the Simpsons episode (All things in life have an analogy in the simpsons) where bart is trying to study for history, but keeps slacking off and reading his math book.  When I have math problems to do, my room usually gets cleaned first.

I'm leaving for northen cali friday after work.  I wanted to be there early, but I have to reset some servers after everyone goes home.  A friend of mine is graduating saturday and I haven't seen her in a year and a half.  Should be lots of other people there that weekend who I haven't seen in a while.

Monday I have the last of my oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, so I will be out a couple days after that.

This just in:  Dave Chappelle's first season a big crapcake.

The first season of Chappelle's show is not funny.  I just watched the entire first season because everyone and their dog is talking about it.  There were a couple funny skits, but for the most part it was mediocre.  During most of the episodes I kept thinking, "I'm funnier than this show.  Why am I watching this?"  I plan to get the "I'm Rick James Bitch" episode and see if the show has gotten better.  Maybe the show is an hour now or something I don't know.  Whatever the case, if it hasn't improved drastically, I am writing it off as a loss.  I'll stick to South Park and Family Guy. 

Now That's Irony!

A book about censorship has been banned from a school district.  It seems the book mentioned breasts, which we all know are evil.  We can't allow our teens to know basic anatomy.
Brandon decides what's best for his classmates.  Obviously his moral ideas are superior
Brandon Jerome, 15, holds up the book he got banned.  Later that day his mom explains to him how the storks know how to deliver the babies to the correct families.  Tomorrow the duo plans to get "The Velveteen Rabbit" banned.  "Clearly this book [Velveteen] promotes a promiscuous lifestyle.  We all know that rabbits are created from a sexual relationship.  Rabbits are known to do the evil deed and procreate very often.  Why else would they be the symbol of the satanic society known as playboy, as well as the symbol of those who would steal easter from us?"

Brandon is scheduled to live with his mom until he is 40, at which time he will become a serial killer who has sex with the dead bodies of his victims and then cleanses them by drinking their blood.  In this picture we see how Brandon's mom controls his movements by sticking her arm up his ass.  In 1976, She had her anus sewn shut as she believes defecating is immoral.  We believe this is the reason she has shit for brains.

It's almost over!  (And just as you were beginning to like it)

Sorry about the length of this rant.  I have no place to vent now that I am out of the forum.  I'm still not sure how to vent without starting a thread and using the quote button.  Does anyone want to discuss the ridiculousness of the ubiquitous christian use of jeremiah 29:11?  No?  How about the fact that most stores will stock a video game that gives you points for shooting people in their car and then stealing it to run over pedestrians, but a game with nudity is just wrong.  We can't have that in our store.  Still no?  Ok.

I will end this with a quote from a woman much wiser than I.

"I've concluded that certitude of rightness is the true evil which attacks harmony among humans." -Lady Pitchu


May 14, 2004   07:40 PM PDT
Interesting, so this was what a blog looks like. Never mind me, Just looking around the web on ideas on how to start my own blog. I think i get the hang of it.

By the way dave's show was not that funny except for the one skid on the real world. The one about rick james is not that funny except for the line "i am rick james bitch"

Hmm i noticed the exchristans eye on your screen. I went on yahoo and blasted the mormons after reading about their story in a us history course. What fraud.

i am out cause i am rick james bitch
May 14, 2004   11:20 PM PDT
What, no chat box? How are we supposed to harass you then?

I feel really sheepish asking this, but....who are you? I have the sneaking feeling that I know who you are but I just can't make the connection.

Eh hehehe.......*sheepish look*
May 15, 2004   12:01 AM PDT
I still think you should have a chat box, though. :P
May 15, 2004   08:08 PM PDT
Wood, I'm thinking about the shoutbox.
May 16, 2004   05:40 AM PDT
Are humans ever satisfied?...

So you found out the truth--there are actually people who get their asses sewn shut so they can "be moral" and stop thinking.
May 16, 2004   05:41 AM PDT
My bad. Last post was mine. YOu don't have auto-remember for psotings. BW
May 19, 2004   08:27 PM PDT
That was hilarious! I hadn't heard about the book about censorship getting banned. That kid is in for one long, fucked up life.

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