Entry: Doing it Missionary Style Sunday, May 16, 2004

Christian Orgy
Back in the day I was a missionary for christ on campus.  I would go around asking people if they knew jesus.  "He is a great guy!  Jesus is inside me right now.  He fills me up and makes me feel so gooood.  Now I feel the holy spirit in me!  Oh, he is moving!  Oh God, right there! YES!  YES!  YES!"

Well anyway, I visited my friends from that era this past weekend.  Overall it was a great time.  Many of the people in the group are nerds so we talked about nerdy stuff.  I did have to hold back a few times when they began discussing how evil gays are and other great christian topics.  The only thing bad about the trip is that it cost a bit more than I was hoping.  A couple friends told me I could stay with them, but when I got to their place and knocked on the door they didn't answer and the lights were off, so I had to get a hotel around midnight.  I fell asleep around 2 then got up at 6 so I could make it to the graduation in time.  After graduation they wanted to know why I didn't show, so I guess they were in a back room or something and didn't hear me.

I rechecked my surgery appointment and found out it is not this monday, but next monday!  Another week before I get my teeth out.  Guess I should try to get some work done during this week now.

I have been thinking how sloppy I have been with my identity lately.  I used to be very uptight about anyone finding my identity and knowing I was no longer a christian, but lately I have just been posting everything all over the internet and giving more than enough information for anyone to figure it out.  Subconsciously I think I am trying to get people to find out so I don't have to be undercover anymore.  Sometimes I just want to scream and tell people what I know.  It has been two years this summer, yet I still play the game, still nod and act like I agree with the stupidity, the hate, the harm being done to people I love.

Don't Breath the Dirt!

My area was recently ranked as having some of the worst air quality in the nation.  This made me happy to read a new report confirming the link between particles in the air and genetic damage that is passed to offspring.  See, pollution is not bad!  I've always wanted a green swamp monster child with its legs protruding from its stomach and its lungs outside its body.  Genetic Damage is good!  Really!  Who needs to see in color anyway?  And that hair growing from your eyeballs, I've always wanted that!

The Video

I had decided not to watch the Nicholas Berg video.  I didn't need more of that kind of thing in my head.  After I made this decision I read about some odd things appearing in the video that made people wonder of its origin.  (red jumpsuit, previous american custody, etc)  The curiosity got the best of me and I watched it.  As expected, it is not pretty.  I felt in a daze for a while after watching it.

***Graphic Description ***

The man behind him reads several pages in arabic (I assume), then takes out a large knife and throws Berg to the floor.  We hear Berg scream, Oh God No! then hear gurgling noises and muffled screams as they cut off his head.  They are all chanting what sounds like Allah.  The head is held up, then they place it on his back with a closeup showing the head, neck, and floor with blood.

***End Graphic Description ***

It is terrible that it has come to this.  Is there any end in sight?  Anyone with the wisdom to change the world, and make this kind of thing stop?

The problem, Doctor, is that I do not exist

It would not be kind to leave all of you depressed from that last segment, so how about I get you thinking about the existence of nothingness instead?  I found this website while searching for information on nihilism.  It is basic, but interesting material.  "In reality, there is not time, only change"

Damn you sock pirates!

I have an odd number of socks, and I am fairly certain I purchased an even number.  Would who(m)ever took my sock(s) please return them or let me know what is being done with them?

step 1:  Steal socks
step 2: ????
step 3: profit!

Buy Me!

Not only do I need a new car, but I need a new cell phone.  The cell phone looks like it will be first.  My current cell runs on coal power, which is better than my first cell, which was a baby pigeon in a little cage.  I'm planning to get the LG G4011, a cheap, but at least modern phone.  That means I'm selling my old one!  I'm not making any guaranties here, but my old cell phone may have been used to get me off, and my have been in my naughty places and further more, probably has Sarah DNA on it!  I'll start the bidding at a low $40k.


May 17, 2004   05:27 AM PDT
"However it will still be NOW. So don?t be stupid, plan to pay your rent, and plan for the future. "
I don't see any nihilism proper, never mind nothingness, here, but can this be what it all boils down to: paying rent?
As far as the cell phone--you're on your own there.
May 17, 2004   03:56 PM PDT
Sorry Elfish-Eagle person (I just don't feel right calling you Sarah), my folks tagged me with one o' those damn electronic leashes probably about two years ago now, and I'm still tryin' to get rid of the damn thing! Ain't no way I'm takin' on another--especially not for that much. 40 grand could probably buy me my dream truck.

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