Entry: Woman gives birth to 200 pound golden statue Sunday, June 27, 2004

Lyndie England was Framed!

Lyndie and I are good friends so I want to tell her story. First some shots of us together. Here we are together in the mountains near the Swedish ESO 15-m Submillimeter Telescope (SEST). I persuaded her to take the trip up there and we had a great time. This picture shows her giving thumbs up to her friend.

lyndie and elven sarah mountains

Here we are at a wedding for our buddy. Did we ever get drunk that night!

lyndie wedding flowers

If you look closely you can see Lyndi giving the thumbs up to Nicole Kidman on her Oscar.

nicole kidman lyndie oscars

As you can see, she is a great person, and she was used. You need to understand, Lyndie has a habit  of pointing. It is her thing; her trademark. The U.S. Army knew this and used her to take the fall. Lyndie doesnít just point out things she likes, she also points out things that are morally wrong. She has strong character like that and tracks down things like a bloodhound. In her photo with the prisoners so was actually telling the camera that this is what is wrong! She was pleading for the world to make it stop! Why are we not going after the people who order this kind of thing instead of the grunts?

The big heart that Lyndie has, she continues on in her work and has given this site an award for pointing out the evils that must be corrected. I am honoured to receive the 2004 award for Pointing Out Stupid Things Everyone is Doing (Posted). Thanks again Lyndie. It is unfortunate that your excellent work is tainted with abuse and molestation charges; the very thing you have fought to stop.

lyndie two thumbs up posted award

Gene mutation makes tot super strong

Does anyone remember Bam! Bam! From the Flintstones? He was a super strong kid who could pick up his parents. Well it seems a genetic mutation has created a real life Bam Bam. This is a very interesting occurrence in the field of genetics. I canít wait to see what is learned from this. Of course it is also a great study of modern evolution. Hopefully it is something that can be passed on to humans and keeps us very healthy.

Woman Arrested for Having Consensual Oral Sex

Oral sex is illegal in Virginia and is a felony. Apparently it is a crime against nature. Why is dumping poisonous chemicals into the environment legal, but making your partner feel good is a crime against nature? She was going to fight the charge, but it could have cost her five years in prison. Oh the laws in this country. Some of these stupid laws can even get you listed as a sexual predator, a status that is sure to ruin your life.  Read this to get more of the insanity.

Big Gulp

I have an interview next week and I am already nervous. I needed a job that was a bit more steady than the consulting business and something that provided benefits such as medical insurance.  Maybe a set schedule will help me be more disciplined with my time and get more work done on my site.  If I get this job it will be, by far, the best job I have ever had. The problem is I get so nervous during interviews and my brain locks. Times like these I still find myself in the old habit of praying. Heck, I would throw salt over my shoulder if it worked. Unfortunately those are all stupid superstitions. I just canít let my low self-esteem get to me during the interview. I must show them what Iíve got. Iíll be staying up all night tonight to try to reset my sleep schedule so I can get up at 6 am next week. I usually go to bed around that time. This is going to be some week.

P.S.  Congrats to Blogdrive for adding space to upload media, even though it only seems to be about 100k.  Now I just need to figure out how to add permalinks.

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June 27, 2004   05:03 AM PDT
Wooo Hoooo! well im here, cant find a tagboard. had a hell of a day yesterday & wasnt online. i ought to be doing the same today. btw... like the thumbs up. haha ;)
June 27, 2004   06:06 AM PDT
I wanted to say that you have an interesting blog. It is great to read and you bring up some good arguments...

Thanks for visiting..

June 27, 2004   11:30 AM PDT
Damn Sarah, how do you get so many visitors? It's the pointy ears, isn't it? I always knew Spock was on to something....

Great stuff, though the felony charge for performing oral fellatio is just the kind of rediculously blatant stupidity I've come to expect from our government--especially in the Babble belt. Although it does go even further toward proving the line "Nothing's illegal if you don't get caught."
June 27, 2004   05:32 PM PDT
I got your tag.

Now.. what are you talking about?

Oooooohhh, this?:

"Stupidity (not Ignorance)"

Maybe you're right, but I always figured it for something more like this:

Ignorant people starve to death because they don't know there is a fridge.

Stupid people starve to death because they know of said fridge, but are to lazy to go there.

Ignorance - The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed. (according to dictionary.com)
June 27, 2004   05:45 PM PDT
you must like my blog, so i have to assume that you're for real. the porn stuff threw me, although I think highly of sex as much as the next guy. good to know that you are on top of things.
June 28, 2004   12:54 PM PDT
Love your blog! Where in the bay are you/ where do you go to school?
June 28, 2004   01:54 PM PDT
Now, I want to know, who the hell reported these two people having oral sex? Something tells me it wasn't either of those two involved, so that means someone was prying. Shouldn't that be more of an arrestable offense? Ugh...
June 30, 2004   05:00 AM PDT
hey babygirl, how you doin, just checkin in with you. :) miss ya yo!
July 5, 2004   07:42 PM PDT
It's simply [permalink], I believe. Enjoy your blog very much, by the way.
July 5, 2004   08:45 PM PDT
Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

Autumn: I live in the central valley, east of the bay, but I am applying for a job in southern cali.
July 7, 2004   01:13 PM PDT
Well, I don't see a tagboard, so I'm saying it here : GREAT BLOG (insert-smiley-here)
July 7, 2004   07:19 PM PDT
Yeah, Sarah seems to have something against the tag box, though I have yet to figure out why.
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