Entry: ElvenSarah: As seen on the Net Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sandra Bullock the net movie

No, not that Net movie that made the Internet look like an evil, magical super computer that slinks into your home through your phoneline. I've been featured on the aptly named Guysfeaturedblogs site! Those guys are really tough on layout, and I got some points knocked off for that, but still managed to get 3.5 stars. Check out the review:

guys featured blog award review rating


I need a banner for this site.  All the cool kids have one; Xaos, Monica, Winston, Angela.  "Oh, look at us!  We have site banners, we are sooo cool!"  One day I will have a site banner, and I will get to play with the cool kids.  You will see.  You will all love me then!

Satan has blessed me

I got the job I mentioned in the previous post.  My mother told me that bible-god has blessed me with such a great job.  I'm glad I finally found the secret action to get God to do so.  You just have to leave christianity and rant about how foolish it is.  Apparently god is not a fan of christianity.  Here is one that should make me the winner of a small lottery.  Christians are embarrassing.  They are like grown adults who believe Santa Clause is real.  They go around asking everyone else when they will stop hating Santa Clause and just believe.  One day they come in to work with a book about Santa Clause as proof that he is real and loves everyone.  They tell everyone they would be much happier if they just believed and can't understand why everyone would risk loosing all those presents come Decemberween.  Christianity would be funny, except these people vote and create laws to appease Santa Clause.  In 1954 they add Santa Clause to our money and edit our pledge to include a reference to everyone's favorite guy, Santa.  When do the Buddhists or Muslims get to add their favorite guy to our money or force our children to pledge to him?  No, that would be wrong.

Humans are just at the beginning of civilization.  We are still afraid of the lightning in the sky and trying to appease the gods to make our crops grow.  How can we have a society of research and advancement in such an environment?  It is my great hope that in 100 years, the largest religion will be Deism or some other humanistic religion.  The work of the gods is smaller than in the days when they made it rain and caused illness, but we are still not free of our superstition.  Thanks to the internet though I believe many people now have an outlet to finally question our fear and predominant rituals of the last several thousand years.

To Be Continued ....

I have so much to rant about and so many thoughts sitting in my head.  This was just a very quick update on some things I wanted to add.  I wish I had the time to post everyday.  It still would not be enough to get everything out.  This week I have to finish projects at my old job, move 400 miles, find a new apartment, find a car, change over all my financial records, and start my new job on monday.  Good thing I have Satan on my side!


July 14, 2004   12:13 AM PDT
wow! Congrats on the rating! If I new a thing or two about HTML, I could make my site more interesting to look at..LOL!

I also think the internet has opened alot of doors, and eyes for that matter, for people to express their thoughts about religion. Its a great thing!

Great post!
July 14, 2004   04:28 AM PDT
if you want some help, let me know :)
July 14, 2004   01:13 PM PDT
Sweet, good stuff.

I totally understand not having time. Despite that I got laid off and have at least another week and a half of vacation coming to me, I just can't find time between my video games, sleeping, watching TV, checking other blogs, posting on the forums, and all that other absolutely necessary stuff.

Heh, okay, you can all beat me up now. Just so long as you promise afterward to attempt to give me a lesson in HTML coding.
July 14, 2004   03:01 PM PDT
you don't need to know a thing about HTML to actually make it look good. Take a look at my blog. All I asked for help on was how to change the background since thats where I was starting off at and then I figured out the rest. It's not too hard.
Beat Waydown
July 16, 2004   06:23 AM PDT
I put you on my blogaroll
July 16, 2004   08:27 AM PDT
if you like, I'll do you a lovely linkie; just tell me what you're after...

PS Don't mind the guitar porn, I'm too lazy to change it ;)
July 16, 2004   11:39 PM PDT
Congrats on the rating Sarah! Glad to see you back online!
July 17, 2004   07:39 PM PDT
Thanks BW!

Winston, that guitar porn was hot!

Jez, still not back yet, just check in once in a while. Could be without internet access for a while as I move.
July 30, 2004   09:51 AM PDT
You are undoubtedly the most foolish person I have ever seen on the internet. You sure do speak alot about God for someone who claims that He does not exist at all...if you think He doesn't exist, just shut up and go about your life. You obviously have some inkling of a belief in God or you wouldn't devote so much time to blaspheming Him. It's not that you don't believe in God; you do believe, you'd just rather live a disobedient life.
July 30, 2004   07:16 PM PDT
Calling someone a name is not a rebuttal. Get some facts then come back. I don't know if god exists, but I do know that the bible is fucked up, and clearly not an representation of what that god would be. People are making laws that I must follow based on it and starting religious was that I must fund or die for. I wish I could just go about my life!
August 5, 2004   04:54 AM PDT
Precious, you don't need a blinkie OR a banner, I love you already ;-)
September 4, 2004   01:14 PM PDT
Name has no blog, Name has no profile,Name doesn't exist! Maybe Name is God except I know Name isn't God/god. Name is one of those cowards who burns crosses and paints swastikas (hmmm hey name how do you spell that). Name is part of that amazing moral majority who shouts down free speech and thumbs his nose at freedom of religion when it isn't his/hers. Name is the reason gays can't marry, and why so many lost there faith in everything from god to government (maybe Name is John Ascroft, is that who you are Name?)

Kudoes Elvensarah for slapping Name upside his faceless, nameless head.
October 10, 2004   10:50 PM PDT
I am so sorry to hear that you feel this way. I certainly think that you have been misguided in your beliefs. You should check out the book of Isaiah in the Bible - Jesus has come to set the captive free. And you my friend are in dire need of freedom. I do hope that you find the truth that is awaiting you.
October 11, 2004   02:33 PM PDT
KJ, I have read Isaiah. I have read the entire bible. Why are my beliefs misguided, because they don't align with what you believe to be correct? I did not come to this conclusion haphazardly or easily. I did a great deal of study, and put a great deal of thought into it. I have thoroughly tested christianity and found it lacking. Here is to freedom.

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