Entry: What's going on in the world today Tuesday, November 09, 2004


An industry in India cheers Bush victory 

This is a topic I recently got to see up close.  My company has shifted all its production to factories outside the US.  These past weeks I have been traveling the world to nations with cheap labor to inspect our products at these companies.  It looks like this will be something very common in the next few years.  


"BANGALORE, India--India's outsourcing companies were jubilant Wednesday that the elections in the United States will return President Bush to office.


"This is great news for the offshoring industry," said Nandan Nilekani, chief executive of Infosys Technologies, a software services company. The trend toward outsourcing will now become even more inexorable, Nilekani said."

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Bible gives value to human life: 

The LORD said to Moses, "Speak to the Israelites and say to them: 'If anyone makes a special vow to dedicate persons to the LORD by giving equivalent values, set the value of a male between the ages of twenty and sixty at fifty shekels of silver, according to the sanctuary shekel; and if it is a female, set her value at thirty shekels.  -Leviticus 27



Watch out Canada!  

Leviticus 25:44 "Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.”  Thanks God!


Blog gets visit from Secret Service:

The administration decided to send the secret service to this blog after the owner decided to post some disagreeable content.  Scary. 



A better way to vote

Thank Zarathustra!  Someone stole my idea of constituents voting for their three favorite candidates.  For some strange reason they feel this should only be done in case of an unclear win, but I think the secondary votes should automatically be tallied and added to the count.

Here is the site



Save me Santa!

I’ve been thanking, what if Santa Clause IS real?  What if all these years of not believing in him have just been pissing him off and making him cry?  What if he returns on Christmas and says “Oh Sarah, I really wanted to give you gifts this year but you didn’t believe in me.  Instead I am going to torture you forever.”  That would be sad.  I am now urging all of you to believe in Santa.  Just believe!  It is that easy.  I have no proof, but I know one day he will return, soon, and when he does, you will all be sorry you didn’t believe in him and get great gifts.  Santa loves you and works year round for your benefit. 


Have you accepted Santa in your life today?  If so, we want to send you a free packet of information on how Santa would vote in Tuesday’s election.  This free packet is available to you for a small love gift of 30 dollars. 

Ominous quote of the day

"I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it," President Bush said in his first news briefing since winning re-election

Bush then added,  "Heh, that's not a microphone is it?"

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November 10, 2004   01:30 PM PST
Forgive me Santa! *forks over life savings to party to make sure that a man of Santa is in the White House*
November 11, 2004   07:20 PM PST
Santa is God.
Brandon Starr
November 12, 2004   10:00 AM PST
Love the Bible quotes, as always. That is the most far-out, crazy-assed work of fiction EVER. No wonder it sells so well!

Thanks for finding the outsourcing article. I added it to my blog, too.
November 12, 2004   11:06 PM PST
Chicka, you're a classic. Funny how the bible rates a woman as worth less than a man, huh? Are we suprised? are we, are we??? *cackles with sarcastic glee*
November 14, 2004   06:42 AM PST
The Secret Service must have been very busy if they were investigating Bloggers who were critical of the Shrub. Yesterday Prick Cheney (sp) had shortness of breath after seeing his kickback check from Halliburton (while searching for a spelling I found this: http://www.whowouldhebomb.com/ SS must have checked him out too).
November 16, 2004   03:46 PM PST
Prick Cheney? I thought it was Jackass P. Cheney. I didn't know Prick was his first name. Boy, is my face red!
November 16, 2004   05:14 PM PST
Who would Jesus bomb, nice.
November 17, 2004   06:41 PM PST
lmao.. I've noticed a trend in attacking and quoting Leviticus lately.

Hilarious if you ask me.

I'm not really religious, so I can't help but find it entirely amusing.

November 17, 2004   07:17 PM PST
The entire bible is filled with crazy stuff but leviticus is a gold mine. If you need the bible to tell you it's ok to stone someone that is the place to look. What I find funny is people still think it is from some loving omnipotent being.
November 17, 2004   09:25 PM PST
Haha, the Bible quotes ARE amusing, but my favorite was the Santa one. lol! That was terrific. =D I am trying so hard to find my faith again and you are not helping me Sarah!! ;)
November 18, 2004   03:48 PM PST

I hear what you are saying. Imagine if Santa, caring so much about these people receiving his special gift for them, came down to earth, and then, their thanking him, was crucifying him on a cross. All along, Santa knew that they would end up doing this, but Santa still went ahead along with this, and by doing so, trampled down death by death, and upon those in the tomb bestowing life. He had to die, in order for his receivers of the gift, to have life. He conquered death by dying, and gives the gift of eternal life, by ressurecting from the dead!Interesting concept. I look forward to reading your blog!

August 20, 2010   10:21 PM PDT
That is a trend already.

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