Entry: working hard for the money Saturday, April 10, 2004

Over a week since my last update.  I have been extremely busy.  Something about this season does that.  I've been making some cash doing consulting for a company in dire need of computer repairs.  Everything computer related (networks, PCs, e-mails, servers) is a mess and has been without maintenance for too long.  When they have a serious problem, they call me in to put some band-aids on it.  I'm hoping they will eventually fund an entire overhaul of the system, but realistically I know they will just be applying more tournaquets to the wound for several years.  The pay is OK, but not great.  It is paying my bills though.  I still cannot wait until I am able to move full ahead on the adult websites.  I would much rather prefer to be making enough on that so I don't have to do all this other crap.

I will be going to an easter (christianized Ishtar celebrations) service this weekend.  I have actually not stopped going to church even though I am no longer a christian.  My parents are fanatical fundamentalists and I am still in the closet with them and in fact with all my family and many of my friends.  It is really tough, I'm not sure how much longer I can handle it.

For fun, try out the easter quiz by father dan  For more on this and similar topics I would recommend exchristian.net. 


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