G-Sus » Yep, but mostly on Facebook nowadays. I'm working on a website (minus the bad Jesus gif animation)
G-Sus » Yep, but mostly on Facebook nowadays. I'm working on a website (minus the bad Jesus gif animation)
veena » just droppin by
winston » I AM alive. Well, sort of. I'm writing from inside a brain jar.
ilovegeeks » hi! just dropping by!
verena » hellohello. (= i love the quotes at the top of your blog, especially the first one. xD
Gloria » Hiya.
mohammad » hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
mohammad » hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Nic » WTF is that previous tagger trying to do infect my PC with her holier than thou crap
SareBabe » If you're still alive, you may be happy to know that I have turned into you.
J f Z » murble
Nic » Thanks for getting back to me, I was a bit worried that work had taken its toll.
Nic » I always expect to see aquip on my other blog especially when I posted the piece about the GW butt Plug, I plan on using mine as a paper weight. Glad you are OK
ElvenSarah » You are all Awesome! Thanks for the comments. I am still around and I enjoy reading them.
Nic » Sarah, it's been over a year.This is no longer writers block. Check in will ya
stripey » just dropped by ur blog... to say ur funny is an understatement... will definately be back here again...
stripey » just dropped by ur blog... to say ur funny is an understatement... will definately be back here again...
bomb » i miss you!
kg » wahts this supposed to be?
jonny » hi
jonny » hi
jonny » hi
jonny » hi
J f Z » murble
SareBabe »
phoenix » <3
RaisingOrleans » Well are ya coming back?
Jaala »
SareBabe » I have come back to blogging with a new entry! Hope you are well and are still alive!
Nic » Sarah, thanks for the comment on Alt Thinking. I came here hoping to find a new entry by you. We need to create a strong front to put down the self-righteous right. We need you!!!!
Nic » We are trying to get your face and blog put on a milk carton. But the OC Sheriff's Dept. refuses to look for elves. ES Phone home!!!
Michael-Shane » Where have u been?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
winstoN » *looks around* hey! Where'd she go?!
Pat » hi, miss. long time no read. i hope you're having a wonderful summer and a lovely week!
czar » hey, an open mind
Jezebel » Hey. I deleted my Miss Le Fey blog, so you can remove the link. Thanks!
the Pirate » Just saying hi, suprised they still let you live in Orange County
Jezebel » *looks around for E*
Name » Message
Name » Message
Christina. » Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* Miss you!
Vidiot213 » Wow...atheism is really a lot simpler than grappling with what the Deity is or is not doing. But easier does not equal more truthful...don't get distracted by what certain bozos do in the name of God
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kim possible » arwen is normal!wow.....
Name » Message
Yoshi » Come on Sarah, post something... or I'll send a dwarf your way!
Name » Message
StrangeAppeal » Ahhhhhh I haven't been here in such a long time (my blog used to be yourguiltypleasure), but I'm glad I remembered your blog address, so I'll be visiting again more often. Take care!
SareBabe » "to told"...I can't write anymore. Forgive me.
SareBabe » I finally updated, but there wasn't much to told.
paintbetty » i always like stopping by to see what you've written lately...i like your sense of humor.
Sarah 2 » Yo Sarah!
Christina » Always a pleasure stopping by .. glad to see you post again. *smiles*
SareBabe » heehee! At least I warn people when I am going to disappear.
Rich » How do you know god has a penis. The altar at which I worship looks more like a vagina.
Nic » Hilarious? I thought I was a messenger of god (great pickup line at a christian rock concert)
Aliza » hi...
Michael » Great site! Thanx for stumbling into mine as well!
Laura » Nice site...LOTR Rocks!
EKA » im eka!
EKA » hi im eka! friends?
SareBabe » ?Donde estas?
Spanner » Hey Sarah! Congrats on makin itto featured profile!!!
Jezebel » Dude, where are you? We need some more of your acerbic blogging!
blueskelton » How have you been Elven girl?
Christina. » Just stopping by to say hello! *hugs*
ES » Yes Sir, Mr Wood.
woodsmoke » Sarah! You post back here right this instant, young lady!
Christina. » Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* xoxox
Rowan » Hello there, just stopped in
SareBabe » where hast thou gone?
penut » XD You crack me up. Not an easy feat. Hola. ^_^
Christina » Happy St. Patrick's Day! *smiles* I was gonna pinch you but I see green!
innerlyly » re-linked you too, thanks
fERDI:) » And I just got a thought about your debate blog: how 'bout creating a debate wiki using phpBB on a hosted site or something? Naah, overkill...
fERDI:) » Whoa, You Posted! Here I thought you were picked up by aliens or something.. just kidding (wonder why the post didn't show up on my rss feed...)
SareBabe » heya! Just stopping in to get my elven fix!
Demented » hmmm I sense you working to hard again. Remember all work and no play turns Elves into human workaholics. I see you linked the news, not not the Whipping Post interesting
Bleak_Lord » Murder is Negotiable in Xiananity.
G-Sus » Click on my name to visit a project site to create awareness towards the Asian tsunami crisis. Please link us
Jezebel » You posted!!! YAY!!!! *huggles*
Christina » Hi ElvenSarah! Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* xoxox
Bleak_Lord » Thank you
Nic » Hello little one. Time for a vacation I think.
Sinister Ninja » Wow, Teloriose is creepy.
Little Robot » Teloriose weirds me out, Elven Sarah Beware!
Little Robot » I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known
Teloriose » Hey peeps, just surfin an found my way here. Interesting site indeed... I am particularly interested in meeting ElvenSarah through chat/e-mail or posts. Seems i hit my limit so i guess ilm done.
Chris » oo i like this philosophical stuff... makes me think, and something i should do more, looking forward to the next debate
SistahChat » My goodness - u seem interesting. I wouldnt mind taking you on in a debate - check out my blog at http://www.emmanueljourney.blogspot.com where I discuss some of my views.
Sinister Ninja » I love that scene.
Rocker » I'll agree, Family Guy's Kool-Aid scene is one of the funniest. Thanks for the tag, your blog's awesome indeed. Not that you need me telling you that. Have a nice weekend.
SareBabe » Haha! It is coincidental that you mentioned Plato's cave because I was thinking of writing an entry about it! The fates are at work, I suppose.
Saphfire Storm » Hey babe.. my journal addy changed.. just keepin' ya in the loop... lol
drivezila »
Sinja » Twinkle twinkle, baby, twinkle twinkle.
Reprobus » Thanks for the link back!
Matt » Thanks for the tag... check back for more. It's nice to find some fairly like-minded folks.